The main activity of livestock farmers who apply grazing consists of collecting solar energy. And convert it into a salable product; milk and meat. Plant density is a very important factor in this!

The goal in pasture management is to have and keep as many hectares covered as possible all year round. With plants in a vegetative state.

The density of herbal herbal leys is a reference to the number of leaves there are per hectare. Plant density is not only an important factor in determining the absorption of solar energy through photosynthesis. But it also has a major influence on the nutrient and water cycle between plant and soil.

The greater the plant density of herb-rich grassland, the better the infiltration of water and the less run-off will take place.

This keeps the soil cool under a blanket of leaves, which prevents evaporation of water from the soil surface.

We can have a very 'dense' monoculture grass, but even if it meets the criteria for high-quality grassland. They lack the characteristics such as mineral richness and palatability. The most ideal solution for the best planting density is a variety of different types of plants, such as polycultures – herb-rich grassland mixtures.

The higher the plant density of herbal leys, the better the dry matter production and the longer the crop remains vegetative. The clovers also have a considerable influence on this, by binding nitrogen. Clovers ensure that the crop remains digestible for longer.

These factors offer the possibility to influence and manage the yield of the crop. They ensure a high yield and will maximize the ETW (Own Added Value) in the product milk or meat.


How do you maintain the plant density of herb-rich grassland:

At the end of the 2nd year, beginning of the 3rd year, see how the composition is on the plot. This determines the amount of seed needed to maintain the width of the composition.

The best time to sow is in the spring and/or autumn, in or just before a period with unpredictable weather.


The most appropriate herb mixtures for overseeding:
    1. Saladebuffet Overseeding – Overseeding when there is a need for a higher proportion of clovers and herbs.
    2. Saladebuffet Herb-rich – Overseed when more grasses, clovers and herbs are needed.
    3. Salad buffet Bio – Overseeding when there is a need for more grasses, clovers and herbs Bio.


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