Yesterday we hosted a meeting with the participants of the Grazing Course 2021. One of the participants is a host and we'll discuss the revevant subject regarding the businessmodel. This time it was extending the growing and grazing season.

“If something has to be done and all of your experts say it can’t be done, then change experts and do it.”   ~ Winston Churchill

The businessmodel of a cattle farmer is constantly under pressure. Often this gives a feeling of apathy. But we're stronger than you think when we are with many. By focussing on tasks where you as an entrepreneur can have control, we take faith in our own hands and form it so something that works for us.

That on wich we focus our energy, grows. On what goal do you have to be focussed as dairy farmers, with a goal for a better income and decreased work pressure?

Income is displayed on the income and expenses list. This is where all energy must be focussed, if we want to make money. When we make an analysis of the expenses side we cal see that alot of expenses have a relation to the barn. Think of silage, driving manure, mixing feed, use of concentrates, huge expenses are made to have cattle in the barn.

In the grazing course we focus our energy on reducing costs in order to maximize our added value and with that, the family income. One of the most important goals is preventing the use of the barn, by extending the grazing season. One of our participants extended his grazing season from 5 to 8 months. Whereby 8 months spent grazing day and night, previously only during the day.

Results on that are, that the income cyclus is made shorter because the feeding of green fodder which is converted to milk increases. The money cyclus determines your cashflow.

It also reduces work pressure, because now, instead of the whole feeding process, you only have to move a wire outside in the field. This also greatly reduces costs. The cows work for the company, not for you, you don't work for your cows. A very important statement!

An added bonus is that your cattle spends more time outside, which increases you cattle's health greatly. Nothing is better for a big grazer than grazing in fresh grass and fresh air. With a decrease in vetenary costs as a result. With one of our participants, average diagnoses of cattle decreased from 1,46 to 0,84.

That's a reduction of -43%!

Velen van u, werkend in het traditionele high input model zullen wellicht denken dat verlengen van de weideperiode alleen is weggelegd voor de `happy few` op hoge zandgrond. En natuurlijk gaat het daar gemakkelijker dan op andere grondsoorten.

But in the more than 20 years that we consult this businessmodel we've seen that a substantial amount of our clients can extend their grazing season and lower their expenses.

“Some of the world's biggest achievements are made by people who where not smart enough to know that it's impossible.” –     Doug Larson

Because soil is an important component for the success with this. The possibilities will be determined by the applied work tactic; plant depth, plat choice, grazing management, mowing percentage, are just a small part of subjects that contribute to this.

All this knowledge, and more, will be included in the Grazing course 2022.

Do you want to reduce expensens and work pressure, while increasing your income?
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Ado Bloemendal
Pure Graze