Jans is one of the dairy farmers whom we have known for several years and with whom we have a good relationship. In the beginning, the contact was a bit distant, because Jans had invested heavily and had automated his businessmodel because Jans and his wife would like to take it easy.

They've worked hard for years and they felt it was time for the company to work for them.

After participating in a number of meetings and webinars, the switch slowly but surely clicked for him, especially when the term 'Own Added Value' came up.

Jans completed the Quickscan and received an answer that showed him a different side of his company. There were opportunities for him to earn money without having to invest a lot.

Just in knowledge and time about € 3,500, which he spent on the purchase of the course PG NxT STEP® Farming.

However, his company had opportunities to earn an extra € 120,000 annually in profit. Not turnover but PROFIT. His turnover remained the same, his costs fell sharply! A great extra income for an average company! Finally Jans and his wife got a decent income.

 In addition, business operations became simpler, and investments could be reversed, removing the pressure from the bank. Finally they felt free. Really free. Gone was that noose around the neck, that stone his the stomach.

The health of the cows improved as they graze more. At first they only graze occasionally, for the government subsidy. That changed as the year progressed. Jans found out that meadows are beautiful, he thoroughly enjoyed moving the wire, early in the morning and late at night, when the world is quiet and nature at its best!

And Jans`s wife enjoyed that Jans enjoyed so much, it made them calmer and there came a different balance in their lives, less work pressure and more time for each other and the family.

With grazing, Jans lowered the concentrate dose, completely against his normal urge for maximum milk yield/cow, – Exciting!

What happened really surprised him…. The milk yield per cow did not decrease, the cows started to graze better!

Concentrate feed costs fell sharply to more than € 43,000 on an annual basis, in the first year that Jans applied the new business operations. Often things become habits, we no longer think we can do without. But if you are strong and brave enough to let it go, the result is often surprising!

There is a proverb; when 1 door closes, several other doors open. Only people are often so focused on that one door that closes, that we do not see the other doors.

The example above shows that as an entrepreneur you are often much more powerful than you realize. You get that power by taking matters into your own hands and focusing on your 'Own Added Value' and not on the value of someone else that you add to your product. You as a farmer will not benefit from this.

Therefore, cost elimination leads to a bookkeeping with few external costs and the share of time that you really work for yourself and your own income increases.

Would you also like to earn more?

“Be like Jans!” and participate in the course: Nature-inclusive agriculture

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Good luck!
I hope to hear from you soon!

Ado Bloemendal
Pure Graze