In the coming years, the focus will be on making society more sustainable. Many things will be different. Today it was in the news that France is going to discourage domestic flights. So civilians do not escape either.

The nitrogen discussion is seen as a threat to the agricultural businessmodel. Something is experienced in a certain way, as long as you give yourself permission for that.

 But as soon as there is an alternative, the threat disappears. Why does that alternative appear?

Because in our head we have the flexibility to approach the case from a different angle, after which we make the alternative practically applicable.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” ~ Lou Holtz

When we bought our company in Denmark, it was a High Input – High Output company, but it was not sustainable both financially and in terms of footprint.

The cost price had to come down and quickly too, because money can disappear like snow in the sun!

The alternative to fertilizer became clovers. For the drought-sensitive sod formers, pol-forming grasses as; crocodile, meadowsweet flower and reed fescue, which yield up to 30% more compared to sod-forming grasses such as; perennial ryegrass.

The alternative to the vet and mineral purchase were herbs!

Freshly grazed from our own soil is always better than preserved and bought. Because it's always about maximizing your own added value!


There is more to gain beyond these benefits that come from change and applying sustainability to increase profits.

Saladebuffetten, complex polycultures can realize these benefits on the basis of cooperation with soil life. As a farmer/entrepreneur you can detract from or contribute to this.

In other words; your actions affect the success of Salad Buffets in your country, as well as the profit of your company.

Ga je gewoon door met wat je altijd deed? Of zet je alles in het werk om de voordelen te pakken die de natuur je biedt? Maximaliseer je de beweiding op de Saladebuffet leys? So that less manure enters the pit, reducing costs and increasing profit?

So that the cows bring in their own manure, so that soil life can play an active role in making this plant food available. Making the clovers and herbs florish, and you can delete the fertilizer from the accounts and increase your profit!

Do you want to know exactly how that works?

or even better for the economy of your company;


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Good luck!
Ado Bloemendal