Driving on the roads of the Lord, I often look across. Often to the annoyance of my wife… luckily my car faithfully follows the lines of the road. 😊

The crops grown on the left and right then have my attention. You can see the quality of the soil and the tillage in the position of the crops.

In the grasslands, the frequency with which machines are placed on the plots is often clearly visible in the form of light and dark green strips. Sign that the soil under the ruts has become compacted, despite every effort being made to minimize the effects of ruts.

Soil compaction leads to fewer pores in the soil. Which leads to low water retaining properties and low air volume in the soil. This has consequences for the yield that can be realized on that land.

Dairy farmers are originally in the solar energy business;

With the help of photosynthesis, plants convert solar energy into plant growth, which you harvest with animals to convert the roughage into a salable product, in order to put the solar energy in the bank account as money. – Ado Bloemendal

It is crucial to realize what the goal is as land-bound dairy farmers; Maximum production of dairy or maximum margin.

Are you guided by the milk control or by the accounting?
Do you know what you have earned at the end of each week?
On margin?
Or do you have an idea of ​​how this year went next year?

In the latter case, you have a hobby, with all due respect.

Get your act straight! – Your family expects that from you.

Maximization of the green fodder producution, the margin/kg milk and your OAV (Own Added Value) is achieved by, among other things, maximizing grazing.

As a result, the machine movements are reduced and the soil gets more air and a better water storage capacity.

Want to know how?

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Good luck!

Ado Bloemendal


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