The careful choice of types and quantities of the components in a herbs-mixture determines the effect of the mixture. It is crucial to know the functioning and properties of the plant species. The functioning in relation to each other is also of great importance.

Some plants stimulate each other, other species counteract each other – The Darwin effect.

In nature, cooperation leads to good results in the form of dry matter yield and soil improvement. Take the jungle in South America, for example, where it is also the complex systems, the cooperation between plants and other organisms that provides wealth and biodiversity.

In a big 20.  Years of research in the USA looked at the effect of polycultures (Saladebuffetten®). The yield of plant species in monoculture was compared with the yield of the same varieties in Saladebuffetten®.

Yield per hectare was 31% to 47% higher with Saladebuffetten®.

Dutch trials confirm the high yields of Saladebuffetten®, without the use of N fertiliser, with a 3,000 to 5,000 kg higher dry matter yield/ha compared to English crop with 250 kg N fertiliser.

Some striking points were that the yield of the Saladebuffetten® remained significantly higher even after years.

The Saladebuffetten® remain healthy and do not suffer from diseases, because the plants work together and…. because they attract a much wider variety of insects.

Saladebuffetten® offer livestock farmers many advantages; a high yield, a richer soil life, an increase in the soil fertility and a sure crop that thrives in dry summers.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Benjamin Franklin

Saladebuffetten® offer a serious alternative on the way to a sustainable businessmodel with a lower footprint and a better income. Because this meets the wishes of society. Pure Graze Saladebuffetten® a valuable part of agriculture with a future.

Saladebuffetten consist of carefully selected components that interact positively and reinforce each other by complementing each other. As a result, salad buffets are known as quality mixtures that achieve high production without the use of fertilizers.

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