The weather talk at the end of the news always interests me. What is striking are the temperatures, which are about 6 to 8 degrees above average!

They often also show some atmospheric pictures, in the last week these are often pictures of daffodils and crocuses that are emerging or even in bloom!

You can also see similar developments in the fields; the grass grows, as does the rye on the maize fields.

That's early, very early for the time of year. How do you translate that? What conclusions can be drawn from this?

The spring starts very early, this week the NOS reported that the weather was 1.5 months ahead. There may be a temporary downturn, but the trend has been set in motion. The climate has changed and the climate we had, they now have in southern Norway.

And we now have the climate they had in central France 30 years ago.

That means the summer is getting longer. This means that the chance of dry weather increases. As an agricultural entrepreneur, it is important to respond to this and to take measures to minimize the impact of a possible drought.

Saladebuffetten can play an important role in this regard. The plants from the Saladebuffetten root very deep. As a result, organic matter, the sponge of the soil, fixed vertically in a large surface of the soil. At the same time, the plants from the Saladebuffetten also have that large surface area at their disposal to obtain nutrition from.

The big biodiversity of the Saladebuffetten with a large proportion of flowering plants, provide a rich environment for pollinators and insects.

The knife therefore cuts on several sides when growing Saladebuffetten, a good drought resistance, elimination of fertilizers, a large water retaining properties, great biodiversity and that with a very good dry matter production, with good animal performance reported by farmers.

Sowing time:

Changing the climate requires adjustments in the work. If the weather is a month and a half ahead, it is also important to bring the spring work forward. That is why we recommend that you also consider tackling sowing plots now. It is important to start on time, especially on drought-sensitive soils, so that the crop is up and running when the summer comes.

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