During the Pure Graze grazing course you will receive practical tools to better deal with dry and wet periods, successfully improve the yield of your fields and let your cows graze. The grazing course challenges you to be open to changes in your business management in order to achieve the best result and to focus your business around grazing in order to achieve the lowest possible cost.

Agricultural entrepreneurs have three important costs, namely fertilizer, powerfeed and vetenary costs. In order to maximize profit we have to keep these costs as low as possible. Our herbaceous grassland mixtures have a huge effect on all of these costs.

Saladebuffetten stellen de ondernemer in staat, zelf zijn groenvoer met een hoog eiwitgehalte te produceren en daarmee de kosten drastisch te laten dalen. De productief kruidenrijke grasland mengsels hebben een hoge productie (tot +48% hoger dan monoculturen), zijn vitamine- en mineralenrijk en bevatten diep-wortelende plantensoorten die stikstof vastleggen en geneeskrachtige kruiden.

Herbs such as red clover, white clover, lucerne, birdsfoot trefoil, sainfoin bring a variety of benefits in a mixture. They are drought-resistant wich is a great benefit for drought sensitive leys and dry summers.


No need for fertilizer

Pure Graze Saladebuffeten do not require fertilizer because they store organic matter deep in the soil. The deep rooting plants open up the soil and improves it's water holding capacity. Perfect for rain seasons!

Herbs such as red clover, white clover, lurcerne and sainfoin bring a veriety of benefits in our herbaceous grassland mixtures. They are very drought resistant wich is a huge benefit for drought sensitive leys and dry summers.

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Healthy and complete fodder

The herbs in our productive herbaceous grassland mixtures (Saladebuffet) will ensure the benificial health benefits of your cattle.

The forward thinking entrepreneur that wants to improve the health of their cattle, wants to keep costs low, wants to improve the quality of their fodder and wants to improve the soil fertility should use the productive herbaceous grassland mixtures of Pure Graze.

Thereby the high protein contents of around 20%, of these herbs is the biggest advantage.

Pure Graze® Saladebuffetten are suitable for grazing and mowing, for cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, pigs and horses.

Check out our herbaceous mixtures


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