It is still winter but spring is already here!
Lately, we have regularly seen reports in the media about the drought. We are about 300 – 350 mm behind.
The groundwater levels are too low everywhere, here in Twente up to 1 – 1.5 meters lower than normal.

Spring has started very early this year. Hurry too soon, because;

The winter rains replenish supplies, the summer rains only refresh.

De droogte duurt daarom nog voort, is nog niet gestopt. De kans is groot dat de zomer warm en droog wordt.
Is that right? Shouldn't you do anything? And hope it won't be dry this year? Or is it wise to change the businessmodel and prepare for the rapidly changing circumstances?
One thing we know for sure;

Operational management that is able to withstand drought is also sufficient in wet times, but not the other way around!

One of the things that needs attention is water retaining properties of the soil;

Healthy soil

Het gebruik van diepwortelende planten zorgt er voor dat organische stof, de spons van de bodem, verticaal in de bodem wordt vastgelegd, tot meters diep.

This organic matter that is stored deep, gives masses with water storage capacity, soil life and air in the soil. Essential for a healthy soil.
A natural way to achieve this is provided by the Saladebuffetten; carefully composed seed mixtures with a wide range of grasses, clovers and herbs, bedoeld voor maaien en grazing.

Salad buffets have a high yielding capacity due to the Darwin effect; plants that stimulate each other and therefore yield more, in several long-term practical trials of up to 47% increase in yield.

This result is achieved through careful component choices in the Saladebuffetten, based on years of experience and observations, knowing what works! And that without fertilizer!
Make your business robust with Pure Graze Saladebuffetten!