Strict demands are made on the agricultural sector, including with regard to nitrogen.

According to the government, the use of this substance must decrease.

It is important to always realize that there are ALWAYS solutions. There are various solutions to keep the efficiency high.

Saladebuffetten are complete mixtures consisting of carefully composed grasses, clovers and herbs. Carefully composed to maximize the chance of the Darwin effect, which ensures a higher dry matter production by maximizing cooperation between plants.

Op ons melkveebedrijf in Denemarken in de jaren 90, gebruikten we het Darwin effect om de aankoop van kunstmest en mineralen te elimineren, in combinatie met een hogere droge stof opbrengst per hectare.

However, some types of clovers and herbs are biennial. This applies in all herbal ley mixtures.

That means they start to disappear after 3 to 4 years. If you do not adjust this, the width will disappear from the plant stock, which will lose diversity, so that the grasses will dominate. To keep the biodiversity and the maximum palatability and dry matter production , you can enrich a Saladebuffet every 2 years with 5-10 kg with Saladebuffet overseeding

Saladebuffet Overseeding has been developed especially for this purpose. It contains the clovers and herbs needed to enhance diversity, palatability and dry matter production.

This is how you deal with it:
Assess in the end of year 2. , begin of year 3. how the composition is on a ley. This determines the amount of seed needed to maintain the biodiversity in the composition. The best time to sow is in the spring and/or autumn, in or just before a period with unpredictable weather.

In spring frost seeding can beapplied. This is spreading seed over the last frost with the fertilizer spreader, possibly adding a few hundred kilos of lime per hectare, because clovers and herbs love lime! 😊

The key is that the seed is worked into the ground due to the strongly varying weather conditions.

This works best with the last frost. This is best done in late February, early March. If you come late in the spring, consider following the method for overseeding herbs in the fall.

In the autumn, strongly narrowed plots can be sown well with herbs with a weeding harrow and then rolled with a serrated iron roller. Leys with good biodiversity can be sown widely as described above, using the cows to run the seed into the ground, grazing the plot the next few times.

To support you Pure Graze introduces a subscription to Saladebuffet Overseeding, when purchasing Saladebuffet Standard, Clay, Sand en Herb-rich. With the Saladebuffet overseeding subscription, you will receive the Saladebuffet Overseeding with the number of hectares you specify at the end of 2 years and you will know that it is time to sow your Saladebuffet so that you can benefit from it for years to come.

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