Lately we often get questions about this; can Saladebuffet be sown after the corn? Customers customers sow untill the 2nd. half of october after corn or potatoes. Last week we were in the Achterhoek with our Saladebuffet Tour, a series of open days that we organize at farmers who use Salad Buffet in practice. This one livestock farmer has sheep and the Saladebuffet Herb rich was sown this spring under dry conditions.

Lambs grow faster on Salad Buffet;

It is grazed all summer and the lambs are weaned on 2 July. The ram lambs graze on traditional perennial ryegrass leys with unlimited concentrates. The ewe lambs have come to the Saladebuffet ley, without concentrate.
At the end of August, so after just 2 months, the animals were weighed; up the ewe lambs Saladebuffet were on average 7 kilos heavier than the ram lambs. The heaviest ewe lamb weighed no less than 70 kg!!
It was also found that the meat quality was different, firmer, without being chewy, with more flavour.

From dairy farmers we hear often that cows with Saladebuffet give more milk, 1 to 1.5 kg more, per day. Cows are more saturated and leave the concentrates alone.
A satisfied customer stated in the GD magazine that the cows gave 7% more milk when grazing in the Saladebuffet.

These valuable sounds from practice give courage to the farmer who is yet to decide. Because many entrepreneurs do want to change and switch to herbal leys with a high yield without fertilizer, to grassland that dries up much less quickly and to grassland with diversity, which makes cows, nature, citizens and farmers happy.

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.” ~ Stephen Richards

Fertilizer is old-fashioned. In 2017, 25%, yes, you read that right, 25% of the national natural gas production was used to bind a substance that is 80% in the air surrounding us in a grain. Is that still of this time?

Working together with nature offers plenty of opportunities! Proven every day by farmers in practice. They see the good color on the crop, the high production, the mass that comes off and the drought resistance.

Each plant has its own soil life. Diversity of plants above the ground leads to a diverse soil life. A diverse soil life helps to improve the soil fertility , organic matter binding and thereby bind CO2. A new opportunity that will be developed in the coming years.

Saladebuffetten offer the possibility to reduce the cost price by eliminating expenses such as fertilizer and minerals. At the same time, they provide the opportunity to ensure forage production through good drought resistance, good protein production and high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive influence on the health of your herd.

This is one of the reasons why sowing maize fields with Salad Buffet offers a good opportunity to improve the income on livestock farms. The time is also right, it is humid, there is precipitation and the winter, oh well, we used to have the "elfstedentocht" that was ice-skated. Today it's swum...

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