Our experience with sowing herb-rich mixtures is very extensive. Since 2008 we have been marketing Saladebuffetten in the Netherlands and abroad. Before that we already sowed herbal mixtures on our own dairy farm in northern Jutland in the 1990s.

There are advantages to sowing in the fall, which argue in favor of using this part of the year for sowing.

The soil:

Soil temperature is an important aspect in seed germination. In the fall, the soil is still warm. After all, summer is just over! And often, also this year there is an "Indian summer", nice autumn weather with lots of sun, which keeps the soil at the right temperature.

The nights get longer and cooler, creating more dew. The Achilles heel of superficial sowing is the presence of sufficient moisture, read dew or precipitation, to swell the seed from 96 – 98% dry matter to about 10% so that it can germinate.

Autumn is THE period in which soil life is very active and in which dead plant material is broken down. This creates heat, but also nutrition for the young plants.

The weed pressure is often lower in autumn, so that the new sowing can easily close the plot.

Cover crop:

Sowing after corn is fine under a cover crop, for example rye. It offers you the opportunity to produce extra green fodder of good quality and thus to harvest an extra 3 to 5 tons of dry matter per hectare in the first year of cultivation. A cover crop helps to cover the soil quickly and provides a moist microclimate just above the ground, in which the Saladebuffet can swell and rise well.

The cover crop also protects the young Saladebuffet against frost because, when the cover crop is close enough, it protects the bottom against a possible night frost. So in other words; a cover crop is a great advantage when sowing in the autumn because it rises quickly, creates extra dew and protects against wintering.

In addition, there is the advantage of sowing after the corn. It can easily be half a year compared to waiting to sow until it is spring. The Saladebuffet can also be started immediately in the spring and supplies a protein-rich green food with a very high content of minerals and trace elements. Replacing silage corn with Saladebuffet reduces the footprint and cost price because the cows can harvest this themselves, at the same time transport the manure themselves and it reduces the need for protein-rich concentrates.

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