There is a famous quote, attributed to Henry Ford:

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Back in the 90's when we had our dairy farm in Denmark we were looking for methods to reduce our costs permanently.

Saladebuffetten droegen daarin bij door het elimineren van de uitgaven voor kunstmest en mineralen, het verlagen van de krachtvoer-kosten en het verbeteren van de drought resistance.

Saladebuffetten give at least the same yield as traditional perennial crops with fertilizer, but with good management 3,000 to 5,000 kg/ha more. This is discussed at the open days throughout the Netherlands, which we are currently organizing. User answers where the day takes place range from “significantly more” to 10 tons/ha (named 2 times in August)

Het Darwin effect is de reden waarom Saladebuffetten dat kunnen; Een hogere opbrengst halen dan gewoon gras. Planten beïnvloeden elkaar, dat kan zowel negatief als positief zijn. Daardoor zullen bepaalde soorten die bij elkaar staan, minder of meer opbrengen dan je op basis van de productie in monoculture .

To maximize this effect, the plant species must be carefully matched to each other. Therefore adding an herb mixture to a BG or other grass mixture will never give that extra yield effect.

As a visitor, Henk, (full name well known to the editors 😊) said it so beautifully yesterday;

”I have been organic for 20 years, but what I see here makes me realize that switching is not enough, you also have to change!”

Our dairy farm was located in an old inland sea, so the soil types varied from pure peat, light to heavy loam, to heavy clay with more than 60% silt and good humous sandy soil to pure dune sand. That forced us to experiment and look for the right compositions.

That's why Pure Graze can now offer a full range, a suitable one for every type of soil Saladebuffet.

the farmer's income has a strong relationship with dry matter yield/ha. That is why you choose with Saladebuffetten, for YOU!

Then act like Henk, change and don't manage Saladebuffetten as traditional herbal leys but in such a way that they reach their full potential and increase your income.

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