What a fruitful year we have had so far! - Awesome!

Hoewel we te maken hebben met een laat spring zijn er goede eerste snede ’s geoogst. Zeker na 3 droge jaren biedt het weer van de komende weken de mogelijkheid om de percelen, ingezaaid met kruidenrijke herbal leys to be judged by width. And to seed it with herbs and clovers.

The more grasses, klavers en kruiden in een gewas hoe hoger de Fotosynthese Index; een maat voor gewassen die weergeeft in welke mate het in staat is zonne-energie om te zetten in plantengroei.

The Photosynthesis Index is always higher in a polyculture because leaf shapes and leaf density of herb-rich grassland complement and reinforce each other.

In addition, it is wise to include a wide range of herbs because they root deep in the soil and thereby make valuable minerals and vitamins available. The herbs in Saladebuffetten contain a wide variety of medicinal properties

A few of those properties in a row:

Doorzaaien van kruidenrijk grasland

Doorzaaien van herbal leys

– Soil improving- Physical health
– Fertility
– Blood purifying
– Mental health organ purifying
– Werkend tegen internal parasites

The denser a Saladebuffet , the better the dry matter production and the longer the crop remains vegetative. The clovers also have a considerable influence on this, by binding nitrogen, which ensures that the crop remains digestible for longer.

These two factors offer the possibility of influencing and managing the yield of the crop, ensuring a high yield and thus maximizing the EVA (Equity Added Value) in our product milk or meat and thus lowering the cost price.

The mown fields and the changeable weather offer the opportunity to assess the fields and to sow further where necessary.

The most appropriate herb mixtures for overseeding:

Saladebuffet Overseeding – Best used when clovers and herbs are needed
Saladebuffet Herb-rich – Best used when there is a need for grasses, clovers and herbs
Saladebuffet Bio – Best used when there is a need for grasses, clovers and herbs

When to overseed herbal leys

In the course of the end of the 2nd year, beginning of the 3rd year, check the composition of the ley. This determines the amount of seed needed to maintain the width in the composition.

The best time to sow is in the spring and/or autumn, in or just before a period with unpredictable weather.


Check out Saladebuffet Overseeding and Herb-rich here


Good luck!

Ado Bloemendal