Narrow Plantain is a fast growing, deep rooting, drought tolerant, mineral rich herb. It prefers grazing.

Plantain has a deep root system, with a drought tolerance comparable to Chicory. In addition, it is very palatable to livestock and is an excellent source of Calcium, Sodium, Copper and Selenium.

Plantain performs in a wide variety of soil types and climatic conditions with a dry matter production comparable to perennial ryegrass, with very good performance compared to ryegrass in summer and autumn.

The concentrations of trace elements are higher than in a grass-clovers plot. This is an important factor for grazing animals with a deficiency of trace elements. Adding Narrow Plantain to your cattle's diet will significantly increase the absorption of trace elements.

The establishment power is fast – comparable to Perennial Ryegrass, in addition, Narrow Plantain does very well during cooler times.

Seasons and Narrow Plantain

Summer and fall production can make a remarkable difference to the total dry matter production of herbal-rich herbal leys blends. Due to the rapid growth in the summer and the rapid recovery in the fall, the regrowth ability is astonishing. This makes it possible to produce extra feed during the transitional periods of the season.

Nutrients and Narrow Plantain:

Plantain is an excellent source of micronutrients Selenium and Copper, making it excellent for grazing. Plantain is a flexible cultivar for pasturage.

The use of Narrow Plantain is a good way to support a high level of animal health through the good supply of micronutrients. Narrow Plantain's known micronutrient levels improve animal health.

Narrow Plantain contributes to a sustainable business system. Its high digestibility improves feed intake and improves the efficiency of your farm.

The benefits of plantain:

– High mineral content, especially Calcium, Sodium, Selenium and Copper.
– High livestock performance, comparable to grass-clover mixtures.
– Very drought tolerant.
– Able to grow up well in soil with a low soil fertility.
– Can handle a wide pH value (4.2 to 7.8).
– Very fast turnout.
– Can improve growth per day in beef cattle.
– Can be used for silage and hay.
– Regenerates itself when flowering.

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