Since 2008 we sell Pure Graze Saladebuffetten and ever since we started we were approached by horse owners with the question if herbal leys are also suitable for horses.

Horses are particularly sensitive for a too high sugar content, resulting in laminitis. the common grasses, mostly perennial, have been bred in recent decades towards more sugars and less crude fiber. As a result, these species have become less and less attractive to horse keepers, because they thus hinder problem-free use.

Where possible, cultivars are always chosen that combine production with good animal health.

For example, there are species with a stabilizing effect on the intestines and digestion, on the prevention of internal parasites, support healthy airways, with a positive influence on mood and plant species that are good for the heart and blood vessels.

Horses, just like cows, are mainly crude fiber digesters. This means that the species that are used in Saladebuffet fits well, because they can withstand drought well. And those species have a high crude fiber content, especially in the grown form.

Horse keepers find the wide composition an advantage because it allows them to offer their animals a complete feed in a natural way, with which they can feed their darlings in a healthy way.

Saladebuffetten are complete grassland mixtures, suitable for grazing and mowing. They contain an exquisite composition of carefully selected grasses, clovers and herbs. The composition has been carefully chosen to ensure a good, healthy forage production without the use of additional fertilizers. This is realized through cooperation between the plants themselves and with their soil life. We call this the Darwin effect.

This Darwin effect ensures a higher production on a completely natural basis, with the deep-rooted plants that use a bigger part of the soil to get nutrients. The release of nutrients is done by the associated soil life, on behalf of the plants, which communicate about this with the help of substances. The degree of release of these substances determines the degree of release of nutrients by the soil life for the plants, which prevents leaching of nutrients into the groundwater.

Saladebuffetten also ensure a healthy, well-draining soil that can retain a lot of water without puddles forming due to compaction. the natural soil fertility increases noticeably from the start, due to the wide range of plants that connect with each their own preference for soil life, to release nutrients from the soil.

Together with the presence of animals and their excrement, the Saladebuffetten form a good home for many insects, butterflies and their predators such as swallows, meadow birds, bats and toads. Salad buffets also love small game such as hares and deer.

There are different types of Saladebuffetten, depending on the type of soil on which they will be grown.

Saladebuffet Sand and Saladebuffet Clay are particularly suitable for horses. These contain a high proportion of grasses with a low sugar content and a high proportion of crude fiber, which ensures slow digestion.


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