Autumn is a good time to sow. The temperatures are moderate, the long cool nights provide a lot of dew with clear skies and the chance of rain is high.

The clovers and herbs part consists partly of two-year-olds, these do self-sow (when you let them bloom), but in practice this turns out to be insufficient to produce herbal leys . That is why we recommend that from the autumn of the 3rd. sow through the year to maintain width and mass in the crop.

For this we offer Saladebuffet Doorzaai, which contains the clovers and herbs.

How can I overseed herb-rich grassland:

Don't put all your eggs in 1 basket;
Sow several times a year with a 3 to 6 kg, in the autumn in humid conditions and a warm soil and in early spring at night frost. In the latter case, the change of frost at night and thaw during the day will work the seed into the soil.

Sow widely;
You start sowing in good time, the composition is wide. The crop is short, so that the seed falls to the ground. We save the current crop by this sowing method and the plot is grazed a few more times after sowing, so that the cows run the seed into the ground.

With the weeder and serrated pressure roller;
The width of the composition leaves much to be desired. chicory and long clovers disappear, the grasses predominate in the image, even in the final stage.

By using the weeding harrow we open the soil to make a good seed bed and put the grasses back due to the damage with the weeding harrow. This gives the seed the maximum chance of successful germination and establishment.

Use lime as a filler;
Lime is an essential fertiliser, with many functions, that influences the release of nutrients in the soil, the establishment of clovers and herbs, the absorption of soil nutrients by plants, the palatability of the crop and the tranquility of the herd.

With the annual spreading of 600 – 800 kg/ha Dolokal you guarantee these effects. It is important to see the spreading of lime as a system.

Because lime is difficult to move through the soil, it is advisable to sprinkle it in moist periods and in the late winter during night frosts over the last snow.

Provide light and air;
Provide the seedlings with light and air by grazing the plot a few times in the autumn or by mowing with a relatively light cut. In the course of spring, the new plants will gradually show themselves and the composition will adjust.

Create a program;
Overseeding clovers and herbs is a repetitive task to keep the composition broad, tasty and productive. Therefore, put it in your system so that it automatically comes back on the to-do list.

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