As we wrote in last week's blog, you aquire, with Saladebuffetten a high dry matter production without fertilizer.

The blade cuts on 5 sides;

  • You immediately save costs, because the purchase of fertilizer is no longer necessary.
  • The company's N-efficiency improves because a supply station is lost.
  • The CO2 equivalent footprint improves, because the production of fertilizer uses a lot of energy.
  • Saladebuffetten root meters deep and are therefore very drought resistant.
  • Saladebufetten produce more kilograms of dry matter per hectare, which lowers the cost price and increases income.

Several trials worldwide show that carefully composed productive herbal ley mixtures produce significantly more compared to perennial crops and fertilizers. The returns in those trials vary from +30% to +50%!

This is caused by the Darwin effect. This reaction occurs because plants release substances with which they influence each other. This can be either negative or positive and is called allelopathy. Sod-forming grasses are known to release substances that negatively affect other species. The usefulness of this effect is also being investigated, for example, in the search for more environmentally friendly weed control.

Het gebruik van Saladebuffetten verlaagt de arbeidsdruk omdat ze geen bemesting nodig zijn om een hoge opbrengst te realiseren. Daarbij komt dat de gebruiksruimte groter is. Daarmee wordt bedoeld dat het gewas langer kan worden dan traditioneel grasland, zonder dat het daarbij inboet aan smakelijkheid, verteerbaarheid, eiwitgehalte en voederwaarde. Daarom kan het geweid worden als het enkelhoog, kuithoog en kniehoog is

Saladebuffetten offer more biodiversity, the various grasses, clovers and herbs ensure flowering from May to November and thus offer a rich biotope for pollinators and their predators, such as meadow birds and toads.

A Saladebuffet offers livestock a healthy diet due to its wide range of deep-rooted plant species, carefully selected for their beneficial health aspects. We spontaneously receive positive reactions from users who notice that the cows are healthier since they have grown Saladebuffetten.

Every year there are also reactions from farmers who speak to happy citizens who compliment them on the wealth on their land. They really appreciate getting a compliment for a change!

Do you also want to make THE difference?

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Ado Bloemendal