Many people will miss it, but it is still, very dry. Drought in October! Who would have ever thought that possible after the wettest autumn in living memory in 2017.

Pure Graze Saladebuffetten are drought resistant due to their deep rooting and large diversity of species. This ensures that the soil optimaal wordt benut door het water retaining properties te vergroten en hierdoor te verbeteren.

The massive plant growth, resulting in a large grazing area, ensures a good soil coverage and deep rooting.

Rule #1 in Nature: Mother Earth wants to be covered.

Sunlight directly on the soil should be avoided at all times. the UV radiation is deadly for the soil life and thus reduces the production capacity of the soil.

Ook droogt zonlicht de bodem uit, waardoor de watervoorraad verminderd en droogtestress eerder optreed.

In the Super Class Pure Graze Saladebuffetten we will take a closer look on how to use Saladebuffetten with the intent to achieve the maximum production without being dependent on fertilizers and to deal well with the drought and increase the natural soil fertility and use it to your advantage!

Sign up HERE for the Super Class Pure Graze Saladebuffetten in Tietjerk on 2 november. Take advantage and avoid disappointment, there are still a few places available.