Pure Graze Saladebuffetten zijn speciale herbal ley mixtures die de kwaliteit bewuste livestock farmer to meet the needs of the soil and his/her cattle.

What are herbal ley-mixtures | Saladebuffetten?

Saladebuffetten are feed herb mixtures composed of up to 19 types of grasses, clovers and herbs. Deep-rooting plant species in the salad buffets ensure a good drought resistance, have a soil-improving effect and increase the organic matter content in the soil.

As a result, it increases water retaining properties and nutritional status is improved. The mixtures have a long growing season; they start early in the spring and continue to grow well into the autumn. Salad buffets don't have a summer dip in production like monocultures. This offers a solution in the increasingly warmer summers.

The rich variety of plants increases the complexity and vitality of soil life.

The plants in a Saladebuffet are specially selected on:
– Production capability
– Vitamin and mineral content
– Medical properties

To enable you to have your cattle graze healthily. The effect varies from appetite stimulant, counteracting infections and internal parasites to a purifying effect of liver, kidneys, blood and a good mood!

For you as a livestock farmer, the benefits are mainly reflected in the figures; saving of fixed costs such as fertilizer, concentrates and veterinary costs.

What is the production of herbal ley mixtures?

Due to targeted variety selection, the Saladebuffetten produce better than traditional mixtures. Salad buffets have a higher yield from 31% to even 47% compared to perennial ryegrass with fertilizer.

Count your profit!

How to use herbal ley mixtures

Saladebuffetten realize this by having a higher production withour fertilizer and pesticides. The use of fertilizer is strongly discouraged, as this will make herbs disappear. To maintain the great variety of plants, it is good to hay at least once every 2 years or to over-sow once every 3 years with Saladebuffet Overseeding.

All Saladebuffetten increase the biodiversity in uw herbal leys.

Think of:
– Bees
– Butterflies
– Other insects
– Meadow birds
– Small wild animals

As a result, herbal ley mixtures are a good step towards Nature-inclusive Agriculture.

Our range of herbal ley mixtures

De kruidenrijke grasland-mengsels zijn geschikt voor zowel klei-,veen- en zandgrond. De samenstellingen en het zaai-advies zijn daar zorgvuldig op afgestemd. Ook bieden wij een biologische variant aan.

All mixtures are suitable for mowing and grazing. For management advice, please contact:
Tel: +31 546 624005
E-mail: info@puregraze.com

Name Composition. (GR/CL/HRB) Sowing advice (kg/ha)
Saladebuffet Standard 80% / 10% / 10% 36 kg
Saladebuffet Sand 70% / 15% / 15% 40 kg
Saladebuffet Clay 70% / 15% / 15% 38 kg
Saladebuffet Herb-rich 53% / 23% / 24% 44 kg
Saladebuffet Bio 53% / 23% / 24% 46 kg
Saladebuffet Overseeding 0%   / 50% / 50% 10 kg

*All our mixtures are NAK certified, Saladebuffet Bio is also SKAL certified.