Working together gives the opportunity to make use of each other's strengths and thus strengthen each other. Nobody is good at everything. One is good at sales, the other gets all excited about numbers, can you see it already?

That's why bookkeepers don't sell and you can't get salespeople into bookkeeping. But together they can be very successful. Often 1 + 1 is not 2 but even 3 or 4! This is the Darwin effect; It is no different in the plant world.

Working together leads to the best results in nature, take the jungles for example. There it is also the complex systems, the cooperation between plants and other organisms that provides wealth.

A large nine-year study in the USA looked at the effect of polycultures (Saladebuffetten). The yield of the species in monoculture was compared with the yield of the same species in polycultures (Saladebuffetten).

Production per hectare was 31% higher in polycultures (Saladebuffetten).

Dutch trials confirm the high yields of salad buffets with a 3,000 kg higher dry matter yield/ha compared to English crop with 250 kg N fertilization.

Some striking points were that the yield of the polycultures (Saladebuffetten) remained significantly higher even after years. Even after diversity had declined.
The polycultures (Saladebuffetten) remain healthy and do not suffer from diseases, because the plants work together and…. because they attract a much wider variety of insects.

Saladebuffetten offer livestock farmers many benefits; a high yield, a rich soil life, an increase in the soil fertility and a sure crop that thrives in dry summers.

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Benjamin Franklin

There are many real-life examples of successful farmers, entrepreneurs who show that high yields are possible with salad buffets with a farmer's profit, soil, animal and nature.

Polycultures offer a serious alternative to a sustainable businessmodel with a low footprint and a better income. Because this meets the wishes of society Pure Graze Saladebuffetten are a valuable part of agriculture with a future.