Grazing course

During the Pure Graze Grazing Course you will receive practical tools to better cope with dry and wet periods, successfully improve the yield of your fields and let your cows graze. The grazing course challenges you to be open to changes in your farm management in order to achieve the best result. And thereby focus your busisness on grazing in order to achieve a as-low-as-possibe costprice.

An increase in grassland yield of a minimum of 3.000kg per hectare per year and a maximum of 5.000kg is within reach.

*The grazing course is for: Dairy farmers, cattle farmers and sheep farmers.

Grazing course

Goals of our course

These are the goals of our course:
– Increase yield of green fodder (With 3.000kg to 5.000kg per hectare per year)
– Maximum green fodder conversion to income
– Extending the growing season (To grazing year-round)
– Extending the grazing season (To grazing year-round)
– Shortening the money cycle
– Increasing soil fertility
– Minimizing the effects of dry and wet periods
– Werken met productief kruidenrijk grasland
– Strip-grazing skills

What's in our course?

The Pure Graze Grazing Course consists of the following subjects:
– Meetings in real life
– Interactive Webinars
– Online lesmateriaal
– Pure Graze Community (Online forum, knowledge wiki, (E-)books)
– Consultancy by a Pure Graze Coach

The Pure Graze Grazing course is meant for farmers that want to maximize their yields and are prepared to take drastic measures in order to reduce their expenses through grazing.

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