"PG NxT-STEP©" is a businessmodel based on Nature-inclusive agriculture.

PG NxT-STEP lowers the cost price, WUR students calculated an income increase of 58%! https://www.puregraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Boerderij-19-juli-2011-pure-graze-economie.pdf

Imagine being offered 58% more income? Would you want that? Of course!
And not only that!

There is even more benefit!
In addition to cost reduction and income increase, also in reducing the footprint, reducing work pressure, the risk, a healthy soil and livestock to an increase of the biodiversity.

Daarbij komt dat de wetgeving niet meer wringt.
Want, beweiding verlaagt de ammoniakemissie en het stikstofprobleem verdwijnt. https://edepot.wur.nl/394041

As an entrepreneur you get a much quieter life. And the focus in the work is very clear, because every season has its work. https://www.puregraze.com/blog/61-stikstof-reductie-bij-jaarrond-weiden/

Especially for those companies that think that there is no future for them, because they are too small, or because they have an old stable, "PG NxT-STEP" offers plenty of opportunities!

Because the real family businesses often still have a healthy relationship between land and livestock. The old buildings are not a problem because the livestock is rarely indoors when "PG NxT-STEP" is applied.

And because low-emission stables don't do what they promise:
Last autumn, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published a study in which it compared the calculated emissions with the measurement data of tens of thousands of manure samples, from both normal and low-emission stables.

Conclusion: the emissions of the environmentally friendly stables hardly differ from normal stables.

Has your interest been aroused?
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Ado Bloemendal