On average, it takes a generation for new insights to be widely applied. Humans are naturally wary of change.

Because we live close to the German border, we often watch German TV. A while ago there was a program about emigration.

It was about Ost Friesland, where around 1900 the people in the peat led a poverty-stricken existence. They had "Gen naegel um`t gat te krabb`n" just to put it the Twents way.

Many of them decided to emigrate to America, where “everything was better”. They sold their last belongings for a boat ticket across the ocean.
And where do you think they ended up once they got across?… in the peat bog. Because they knew that…

Henry Ford also said it; “Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right both times”

A common objection is that the soil is not there suitable for that person's company. That's a chicken and egg story.

Many farmers who start on PG NxT STEP® have their reservations about the business model proposals that we make. Of course, because they've done it differently for years.

But; everyone speaks from his or her own experience pattern. They do not know the increase in carrying capacity of a plot that is only grazed, for example, 10 to 12 times in a year.

They don't realize the impact machines have on soil conditions. Manure on the land with the tank or with cows?

But the change comes after management is adapted to the demands of the soil. When the soil gets the chance to create air volume, because machines no longer drive on it. When the soil is protected from sunlight through correct grazing, organic matter can be captured instead of being burned.

The soil life is asked to digest the manure and urine of the grazing cows and to make the food available for plant growth. That is what happens when thinking changes and thinking is based on natural resources. The great thing is that we see these possibilities with all Pure Grazers, regardless of whether they are in the peat meadow area, on silty clay, or on sandy soil.

Successful financial management of a company is best achieved with a short chain and a good business system. Short chains are good for the wallet and the environment.

PG NxT STEP® is such a system, which is reliable because it has been used successfully at home and abroad for years.

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Good luck!

Ado Bloemendal