A lot of dairy farmers consider which way to go. Many see their company as too small. This is due to the way of thinking within the sector. But it is precisely these companies that have good opportunities to reduce costs by rethinking their business system.

For real family farms with a reasonable stocking density, there are opportunities in the area of ​​cost price.

Precisely by adjusting and adjusting the way of thinking.

I wrote about this in an earlier blog; https://puregraze.com/de-gemakkelijkste-weg-om-de-winst-te-vergroten/

As a dairy farmer it is important to know the cost price well and to adjust it where necessary. Because in contrast to a product with a niche, for example milk sold via a milk tap on the own yard, the producer has no influence on the selling price of the milk delivered to the factory. This is determined by supply and demand.

It is therefore important to focus the energy on what you can influence as a producer; the cost. The amount of product is often controlled by economies of scale. But the return on this is small, companies are often forced to double production in order to realize 10 to 20% more margin. The investment required for this is often disproportionate.

For many companies with a reasonable stocking density on the house plot, it is much more attractive to reduce the cost price. Savings from 6 cents to 15 cents per kg of milk supplied are realised.

For an average company, this quickly adds up to about 40 to 60 grand per year!

De online cursus “Natuurlijk Werken” biedt melkveehouders de tools om dit succesvol te doen.

The business system has been tested in practice for more than 20 years.

Every dairy farmer can simply and successfully apply it, without any risks.
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