Marke and Anne welcomed 200 calves to their dairy farm this year.

Of which 37 jersey heifers for and 42 jersey bulls. The oldest is from April 6, the youngest from May 17. The rest are cross-breed calves from beef cattle and are sold.

Of the 200 calves, 12 were stillborn (6%), 3 after one day (1.5%). (In the Netherlands on average 12% –

The calves at Mark and Anne are not bothered by:
– Diarrhea (meaningful, they didn't treat anything)
– Pneumonia

Anne; “In principle, if a calf is born alive with us, it no longer dies.”

There is no human supervision and assistance with calving. The cows calve off in the herd. The good results are attributed to the fact that everything in terms of management is aimed at the animals being self-rescuing and giving birth to live calves.

These results are achieved by following the Pure Graze developed calving program consistently. These results are available to everyone.

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