Yesterday was the Grassday 2022, this time in Dronthen, where Pure Graze was also present.

The management was organised, the weather was beautiful and the mood was perfect. The turnout was better than expected!

Lectures were held and the organization had also approached us about this.

They had set a number of goals to establish the lecture:

1: How do you minimize soil compaction in forage extraction?
2: How do you achieve an optimal customized protein content?
3: How do you apply biodiversity with existing herbal leys
4: How do you achieve less use of fertilizers and crop protection products?

We notice that many struggle with the current business system and wonder if and how they should move forward with it.

Sustainability can only take place if there is also a good earning model for the farmer. This is lacking in the current farm system, where the farmer's income is about 8% of the company's turnover.

In my lectures I mentioned that, among other things, and the support from the audience was great. It hurts farmers to work so hard without decent pay.

Was it the case in the beginning of Pure Graze that I had to watch my words because otherwise I ran the risk of being thrown out of the room, how different now.

People are genuinely interested, ask the difficult questions, which gives the discussion depth and makes people think. There are also practical questions about the switchover, the duration, the pitfalls, the great importance of good guidance by the farmer coaches on the result.

A thunderous applause from which I was received and afterwards many visitors to the stand were a pleasant reward for a successful day.

Never under estimate the power of small steps!


Ado Bloemendal
Owner Pure Graze

Boerderij - Grasdag 2022

Boerderij – Grasdag 2022