Anyone who has a land-bound dairy farm , is originally in the energy business. Profit and loss are the “score card” of how efficiently we use the energy resources available to us.

There are four major energy sources:

1. Natural energy sources, such as; Solar energy, Water energy, Wind energy, Geothermal energy
2. Fossil – oil, gas and coal
3. Animal
4. Human

The most expensive energy source is human energy. It is so expensive that history has always sought to replace human productivity with cheaper animal and fossil fuels.

Human energy can be divided into physical and mental energy. Man's early agricultural efforts were largely physical. As we "evolved" as a civilization, there was a substitution in agriculture of human energy into mental energy.

The cheapest energy sources are the natural energies. Of these sources, solar energy is the cheapest!

 To harness solar, wind, water and geothermal energy, huge investments are needed in infrastructure, solar panels, wind farms, hydroelectric dams, steam turbines etc.

Only solar energy is really free for human use, as all plants naturally capture solar energy through the process of photosynthesis.

Since all solar energy is free, the most profitable business in the world would be one that uses the lowest possible amount of human and fossil "energy" and the maximum amount of solar energy.

Such companies exist! – Land-bound farms.

The real job of farmers is to collect free solar energy through plants through photosynthesis. The solar energy collected and stored by plants is the basis of all animal life on earth.

Because it is the only manufacturing industry that runs on a free energy source, agriculture is the greatest source of new wealth created every year.

Polycultures due to their capacity for full soil coverage and long growing season, capturing more solar energy per hectare than any other crop. This advantage potentially makes polycultures the most profitable crop that can be grown.

With the help of ruminants, plant energy is converted into energy usable for humans.

Fortunately, this 'solar energy converter' itself is mobile and can collect the 'solar energy' over large areas and bring it to us to use.

This hopeful message offers plenty of opportunities for dairy farmers to investigate.

We ourselves have been faced with such a decision several times. Then we ask ourselves; "What's the worst that could happen?"

If we can handle that, there's no reason not to move forward with a decision. In almost all cases, our fears were unfounded. In almost all cases, our decision has changed our lives and/or our business for the better.

Until a decision has been made, nothing will change.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” ~Tony Robbins

Pure Graze offers PG NxT-STEP a complete business system, based on the above principle. PG NxT STEP® consists of an online course consisting of a spoken presentation, a power point presentation and background information.

In addition, you get access to our library and knowledge base, full of books and publications on the topics, so that you also get to know the backgrounds.

You will be assigned a farmer coach, who will help you along the way, who you can approach for answers and who will guide you to successfully apply PG NxT STEP®.

Our goal is for you to be successful!


Ado Bloemendal
Pure Graze