Farmers feel trapped. By the media, by citizens, consumers. Ignorant people who have no idea of ​​the daily pressure, the work on the farm and how it all grew.

In this age of communication, through the media, the newspapers, on TV, on the internet with Facebook, for example, farmers are often in the spotlight. But they also react, full of fire and enthusiasm they defend their working method and vision.

But, fighting takes energy. It eats you up and fighting gets you nothing. It just sucks when you've parried the first comment and there's the next angry citizen with an opinion.
You go from fire to fire and you can easily get the feeling that what you say and do doesn't solve anything and that nothing helps.
Fighting like this doesn't give you anything, eats up energy and makes you despondent.

That's why many Pure Graze farmers so happy with the farm system”PG NxT-STEP”. This business system is based on working with nature. Who could be against that?

Cows, heifers and calves that graze as much as possible, get the feed themselves and take the manure away in herbal leys, Saladebuffetten.
So you have more free time yourself! The feed mixer does not have to be filled daily, there is less manure to drive away.
Maar ook de hoeveelheid kuilvoer die gewonnen hoeft te worden is kleiner. Pas je “Natuurlijk Werken” helemaal toe dan daalt het maaipercentage tot rond de 70%. Op veel bedrijven is dat nu ongeveer 200 tot 300%!

Imagine; to have only one third of the work you have now…….

Met als resultaat een hoger inkomen! De WUR heeft een gezins-inkomen verhoging van 57% berekend, wanneer je PG NxT-STEP toepast!
Earn 57% more with less work! What a bonus!
So, to summarize; “PG NxT-STEP” results in a much lower workload and a much higher income. Who isn't up for that? Everyone anyway!

Working with nature gives you energy. You will whistle, you have more time for your family. More time for your partner!
The freedom you get is huge! For real!
A day away, on vacation, it's all much easier!

And the consumer?

He thinks cows in the meadow are fantastic, they will really stop and think about your herbal, clover-rich leys, where the bees, butterflies and birds have a party!
Those consumers have never seen something so beautiful before! They are totally flabbergasted! Wow! What is this!

And if they speak to you, you don't have to defend yourself, they will compliment you! What a beautiful sir, beautiful face, those cows in those herbal leys rich in herbs! And then you breathe a sigh of relief, you experience their comments and compliments like a warm bath! Delicious! And whistling you walk home, take the time for an extra cup of coffee with your partner and tell you about the warm bath….

We are the director of our own lives, changes start with yourself.

When will you startign with “PG NxT-STEP”? Contact us today!

Pure Graze; THE partner for Nature Inclusive Agriculture!