In the future-oriented business model, chlorophyll is used to convert solar energy into plant growth via photosynthesis, which is converted into money in the bank account with the help of the sale of milk and the meat of cows.

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The best example of how this is done can be seen in the form of this woman who rents land and cows and sells the milk directly to citizens in the area.

In the Netherlands, land is so expensive that it is not profitable to build an expensive stable and to produce milk using all kinds of tools. The cost price is already too much “filled” with the price of land for that.

In addition, the use of all those aids costs labor time, while as a farmer you do not increase your own added value, but especially that of the supplier of the aid.

Suppose you feed concentrates. You assume a certain return. But in advance you have already paid the return of the supplier via the concentrate bill. You then have to see to what extent and how much return you reap.

Now you may think, yes, but what about all those stables? These are often built with money obtained by adding to the company's assets (land) with a mortgage, not with earnings from the company.

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Pure Graze biedt u met haar bedrijfssysteem “Natuurlijk Werken” een low input systeem aan, gericht op minimalisatie van de kostprijs en maximalisatie van het inkomen.

It does not require large investments, you do not have to go to the bank and it delivers money from the moment you start!

The results vary from 6 to 15 cents cost reduction per kg of milk delivered.

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