Switching the business model of a dairy farm from high-input to low-input seems drastic, but it is quite easy.

The convenience lies in the fact that some things are no longer having to be done.
The difficulty lies in the fact that decision-makers and implementers are guided by fear because they are entering unknown territory.

A recent Irish study clearly indicates that the low input businessmodel has a much lower cost price, which means that once as much margin remains as compensation for the contribution of capital and labour.

There are several steps:

1: Prepare well

Lees over low input bedrijfssystemen, bekijk en bereken hoe dat op jouw bedrijf uitpakt. Een goede voorbereiding zorgt ervoor dat de juiste beslissingen worden genomen op basis van feiten.

2: Prepare yourself with decision makers

It is very important that the “decision makers” are on the same (information) level as the initiator. Everyone must endorse the plan, support the goals and cooperate. Partners who are unable to do so may reconsider their position within the team. For example, parents who have difficulty with the switch. I would like to pass on to those peers; Don't be guided by emotion and fear, but by facts.

You want the best for your successor, give him or her the space to realize that.

3: Describe your goal

Make a written plan with a financial part in it, it is very important that this plan contains a dot on the horizon. That's where you go. I want to be there on that date. People without a goal walk in circles. https://puregraze.com/management/loop-je-in-rondjes-of-heb-je-een-doel/

There is a line from the start point to this end point. On this line are also several points, intermediate goals. A good plan ensures that decisions are made and implemented at the right time.

4: Don't reinvent the wheel yourself

They are still there, people who think they can do everything themselves. Kings in their own kingdom.

“Everything is new and nothing is new”, by which I mean that all facets in the low-input system are new to the newcomer, but not to the experienced user. You learn fastest by being assisted by an experienced user.

This way you take the gambling out of the switch and you are at the end goal asap.

Time is money!!

5: Realize it's a move to another business system

The people under point 4 often do not realize this. They do a lot of half. Half switching leads to a 'grazier depression'; more work and a small plus. Their goal is to prevent loss, while maximizing income and minimizing labor are the real goal.

6: Switch quickly

Time is money, every minute that passes is gone forever!

The system change also brings about a change in revenues and costs. The change in the cost and revenue pattern must complement each other. For this it is important that they take place one after the other as a “train”.

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