The environment and sustainability are becoming an increasingly important part of the license to produce. An example is organic or planet proof. Requirements are set, if they are met, deliveries may be made under those conditions.

One of our Danish relations that applies “NxT-STEP” has had a sustainability report prepared as part of its certification. Part of this is the CO2 emissions, which amounted to 0.09 kg CO2 eqv. emissions/kg Milk.

This means that “NxT-STEP” scores very well and is therefore 7.5% of the score of a company with a traditional businessmodel, whose emissions are shown below from the main milk producing countries.


A few things stand out;

If you read the magazines, CO2 emissions in the Netherlands within agriculture are actually not a topic of discussion. We do what we do, the Netherlands is the best in the world. Well; surprisingly, the Danes also think they are the best;

If anything, it is solar panels and windmills. That does not reduce the CO2 footprint, it compensates for it. That's an important difference. It ensures that input and output are equal, but there is still input. In animal production and the production of solar panels and windmills. On paper there is balance, in practice the world is still warming up. This is an important argument for vegetarians, who indicate that dairy cattle have a high footprint.

Look; international agreements have been made to protect our environment, to ensure that the world remains liveable for our children and grandchildren.

Then it's about reducing the footprint as much as possible. Bring it down.

This offers many opportunities for milk producers. Because reducing the footprint is achieved by reducing the input, which automatically also means that the cost price will decrease, so that the return and income will increase.

But also; the fact that dairy farmers can be part of the solution to climate change, by maximizing grazing.

This cost has already been confirmed by WUR for several years, with an income increase of 58% being achieved;

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