There are many different types of Nature-inclusive businessmodels for a dairy farm. There are farms where the cows spend their time in a barn and where their food is taken. Every system has its pros and cons. Ultimately, what the MARGIN is for the farmer must be considered what's best.

"PG NxT-STEP©” is a businessmodel based on Nature-inclusive agriculture, a low-input low-output system with a cost price that is on average 8 to 15 cents per/litre lower compared to average livestock farmers. – investigated by WUR.

The livestock farmers that we advise lay the foundation for the production of fresh grass, that the cows will harvest for you (and will drop their manure also) Herbal ley mixtures, that are rich in energy and minerals that the cows need. The percentage of feed that comes from the pasture varies from farm to farm. Pure Graze encourages livestock farmers to make maximum use of the feed that they grow on their own farm. We do this because maximizing their own added value is their greatest asset in creating a financially sustainable business system.

At Pure Graze farms, the farmer works WITH nature, by imitating it as naturally as possible. The pastures are grazed by cows the way herds do in the wild. They eat what is available and move on to the next piece so the grass can rest and grow again. The farmers do everything they can to keep the grass growth per day as high as possible.

Through strip-grazing the crop roots remain well developed, as they are given enough time to rest between each grazing.

A well-managed Nature-inclusive business system will strive for a minimum input from outside (such as; concentrates, N-fertilizer). This external input is usually accompanied by a high environmental impact and costs the farmer a lot of money. In addition, they are subject to price fluctuations, which can be a major problem for profitability.

Managing a dairy farm is a complex challenge. But farmers who apply the right principles and imitate nature as closely as possible are able to earn good money with production of dairy while achieving the sustainability goals.

"PG NxT-STEP©” has a CO2 eqv. emissions of 35% compared to conventional and 50% from organic. There is a lot of profit to be made!

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