The children hold up a mirror to the parents!

I recently visited a customer with what is, in the eyes of the mainstream industry, a wonderful company. Everything was there, a new barn, a feed mixer, milking robots, manure robots, sweeping robots, an extensive machine park, a big mortgage and a lot of pressure to have enough in the current account at the end of the month to be able to meet all obligations.

Is that the life you've always wanted, I asked him. In retrospect, not really. The pressure is enormous, both physically and psychologically. And, he added; who will take over that company? Who wants to take on so much debt with such a long work week? My kids have boyfriends and girlfriends whose parents don't work half the hours we do! And they go on holiday 3 times a year, we struggle to do that once a year and then not 3 weeks, but 1 week.

My children see how easily other people outside of agriculture earn their money and do not understand why we have to work so hard and long, when we have such a large company that is worth so much.

This morning a consultant of ours called. They have been fitting for quite a few years”PG NxT-STEP” please. They are successful, they earn well, have a lot of free time and can easily leave the company to go on vacation. They are going to the south of France for 3 weeks.

They have an old barn, few machines, no feed mixer, and last year the cows had been indoors for about 2 weeks. They have time to go on vacation with the kids. During the day it is also quiet, work wraps around private life, instead of the other way around. The return is good and the loan is almost paid off.

There is no pressure to invest. The barn is old but hardly used. The cows graze in abundance and at the same time remove the manure themselves. How easy can it be.

Pure Graze can realize a cost reduction of between 6 and 12 cents per kilo of milk.

The businessmodel "NxT-STEP" is there to make the cows work.
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