The dairy farm is developing rapidly in the high input system, whereby cows and the farmer achieve a top performance in the form of a high production of dairy per cow with a high workload and financial pressure on the farmer.

As a “spectator” I look at it and wonder how all this can be reconciled with sustainability.

We recently saw an example of how this type of sustainability is viewed in Denmark. There, a milk factory presented “climate neutral” milk that was labeled by experts as “green washing” and which also did not meet the applicable requirements.

The agreements made in 2015 in the Paris Agreement have great significance for all citizens and society as a whole. The aim is to reduce the footprint by arranging things differently; such as hybrid cars. Agriculture will also change drastically. Various measures have already been reviewed. And actually they fit perfectly with a low input operating system.

In a low input systeem the cows work for the farmer and not like now; the farmer for the cows. The cows graze as much as possible, get the feed and take the manure away. This leads to the lowest ammonia emission.

This is fully in line with the government requirement in that area. But also with the wish of farmers to reduce the workload and investment pressure.

How can it be argued that dairy farming is the largest supplier of millionaires;, while, on the other hand, the portion under special management at the bank is estimated at a quarter; ?

Then it is stated that many companies still face major investments as low-emission barns, while measurements show that those barns do NOT have lower emissions; , while it is proven that grazing leads to the lowest emissions;

It is the family farms with the older stables, a milking parlor and sufficient land under the farm that have the best future prospects. Milk production per cow is thought to be important, but those are; margin per kg of milk, a low workload and a low mortgage.

Do you milk 10,000 kg of milk per cow and are therefore a stable, machines and 2.5 to 3 tons of concentrates or do you milk 2 cows with maximum grazing, and without or only 500 kg of concentrate?

In the latter case, the margin/kg of milk is the highest, the workload and investment burden are the lowest and you are the best off as a farmer. You also want a good life, right?

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