For the future-oriented dairy farmers there are a number of things that are important to take into account when determining the business strategy.

These things are:

 Basel IV

This agreement, agreed by the BCBS, determines the requirements banks must set when granting a loan. Previously, the emphasis was on collateral; from implementation in 2023, the emphasis will be much more on the return on investment.

The Paris Agreement

Whether it is feasible, whether it is reasonable, or not. It affects the development of the whole society. Example; Cars with engines that use fossil fuels may no longer be sold from 2030. The agreement obliges countries to take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It also offers possibilities; for example, to develop a revenue model for capturing CO2 in the soil.

Your income

The most important thing; your income! What income do you want?

Put in plain terms, the bank will in the future place more emphasis on the earning capacity of an investment and will not or less look at turnover and more at margin.

To a large extent, the government links future legislation to sustainability. We as a society have to deal with these things and our earning capacity is based on them. It is therefore smart that the businessmodel is done in such a way that a good income can be generated with due observance of the above comments.

Cost price reduction and CO2 equivalent emissions are directly positively linked on a primary production company such as a milk and/or beef cattle farm.

If the first goes down, the second goes down too. Automatically!

That's why PG NxT STEP® Farming is so promising

In addition to study, the application requires no investments, generates a good income (WUR – Increase in family income up to 58%), a low workload, a low footprint (RISE-Analysis 92.5% decrease in CO2 Footprint) and makes a significant contribution to the biodiversity of the landscape.

Saladebuffetten are part of the business system to eliminate the purchase and emissions of fertilizers, machine use, minerals and concentrates.

With this, Pure Graze® offers prospects for farmers who want to move forward, by reducing the cost price THROUGH sustainability, Pure Grazers realize a cost price that is 6 to 15 cents per kg of milk lower than before they applied PG NxT STEP® Farming.

De cursus is online beschikbaar samen met advisering van een Pure Graze Coach; dit geeft jouw de vrijheid te bepalen, wanneer en waar je de lessen volgt! Daarbij bieden we een bibliotheek met relevante boeken, een kennisbank met relevant onderzoek, bijeenkomsten, webinars.

Extra is the guidance by farmer coaches, farmers who successfully apply PG NxT STEP® Farming on their own farm. They know the steps you are going to take and are of constructive service to you.

View the course here; Nature Inclusive Agriculture + Coaching

Basel IV
The Paris Agreement;