Release some people in the dark in a forest and make sure they start walking in circles. This is a well-known and common phenomenon among people who have lost their way.
They walk for days and eventually find that they end up at the same point from which they started.

Recently I was jogging with one of my children. In doing so I walked with my head bowed, staring at the ground, whereupon she said; "what are you doing? Looking forward! See where you're going!"
I got a crash course there from a 15 year old! It was a moment of self-reflection for me.

Do I only do that when running? 😊

“Control your own destiny or someone else will.” ~ Jack Welch

This also happens in the company. Are goals set? And are they the right goals? Or do we just do what? Of course everything happens with the best intentions, but does that also mean that we don't take some offers, or opportunities? Precisely because they do not fit within the goals we have set.

Sometimes it also happens that the wrong goals are set. Milk production per cow is one such goal; THE holy house of the dairy farm. I assume this also leads to the highest income, which is not the case, as also described in this blog;

“Common sense is a lot like deodorant. The people who need it most, never use it.” ~ Bill Murray

So setting the right goal is important. It gives focus, draws your attention and directs you in all your doings, in work and in decision-making towards the GOAL.
It is also smart to set benchmarks for the road. You know; at the third tree on the right and then over the bridge at the stream on the left.

So set the RIGHT business goal; for instance; TO MAKE MONEY, on paper and draw the way to it, using CHECKPOINTS; the steps that will be taken to achieve the GOAL.
Do this together with the other decision makers in your team or family. Then the plan is also supported by all and you motivate each other!

“If something has to be done and all of your experts say it can't be done, then change experts and do it.” ~ Winston Churchill

Ask yourself if the steps taken to get the company to where it is today are enough to take it to the next level.

A sound business strategy contributes to the survival of the company not by increasing turnover but by improving profitability.

Do you also want to become a profitable company that is ready for the future?

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