If dairy farmers want a prosperous future, they will need to make big changes. The sooner they take the first step, the sooner they reach their destination.

Recent Irish research shows that: Research; An Analysis of the Irish Dairy Sector

PG NxT STEP Farming geeft je de handvaten; Succesvol de beweiding te maximaliseren om zo de kostprijs te laten dalen. Hieronder een aantal stappen en gedachteverschuivingen die nodig zijn om op de goede weg te komen.

These steps are not difficult – but they will require a different mindset.

Step 1: Focus on kg of milk and profit per hectare – instead of per animal

There is a BIG difference. Attempts to increase the pounds per animal will have a negative effect on your profit. But when the focus is on lowering costs and then increasing the production of dairy, is a strategy that works better.

Step 2: Breed low-maintenance animals to suit your environment

This is easier and more profitable than artificially altering the environment at great expense to suit your cows.

Step 3: Increase utilization by up to 30% with the right size and type of cows

Smaller, more efficient cows will produce more milk per hectare overall, with less green fodder – and those kilos will always have more margin. The occupancy rate influences the profitability, by increasing the margin and your Own Added Value.

Step 4: Make use of a well-organized grazing management

Use Management Intensive Grazing to increase forage production by up to 50 percent.

With the grazing system Management Intensive Grazing you can increase the green fodder production by 50% and match the green fodder production to the green fodder requirement

Step 5: Grazing More and Feeding Less

The easiest money you'll ever make is the money you don't spend – and that money is tax-free.

Step 6: Remember you are running a solar powered business, not fossil fuels

Not much is needed in terms of vehicles, tractors and machines.

Let the cows do the work!

Step 7: Work with nature – instead of against nature

This can easily increase the profit by 6 to 15 cents/kg of milk.

Step 8: Stop associating with whiners, complainers and accusers

Have positive people around you, also be careful with what you read. Most of the information that is disseminated is aimed at increasing production per individual animal.

That's what got you on the wrong path in the first place.

Dairy farmers who have successfully taken the above steps have doubled their profitability. In doing so, they have significantly increased their enjoyment and improved their lifestyle. They have developed a business that the next generation is eager to be involved in.

Farming must be profitable, enjoyable to work in and financially sustainable!

They were supported in this by the knowledge and guidance of Pure Graze!

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Good luck!

Ado Bloemendal
Pure Graze