A dairy farmers recently had a conversation with a change coach from a concentrate company. PG NxT STEP® was also discussed during the conversation. In that conversation, this person stated that the entrepreneur had to watch out that he would not pay tax soon!

Every Dutchman, every citizen of every country, pays tax. This is how the country is financed. The fact that as an agricultural entrepreneur you also pay tax is not strange in itself. It is strange that there is the impression that as soon as you start paying tax, this would be dangerous for the future of the company.

A legitimate question then is; how come there is so much difference in income among citizens? How did millionaires ever become millionaires?

The fact is, you don't pay tax until you reach a certain income, the minimum income. It is also a fact that with PG NxT STEP® you have a business system in your hands with which you earn enough every year to be able to pay that tax.

Many people assume that PG NxT STEP® is different from grazing. Those are the techies, the doers.


But every entrepreneur has 3 hats on; the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur. To safely guide your company through the years, it is important to think like an entrepreneur.

Change is part of life. Not changing is also a choice, but to change is to be flexible and to move with the waves of time, to go with the times.

The developments in society are moving fast. Compared to 50 years ago, the changes are accelerating! This means that your company must also be able to change. That is only possible if your company is not completely tied to, the name says it all; fixed costs.

Fixed costs cannot be adjusted in the short term (within 1 year). Companies like Mc. Donalds have therefore placed their real estate in a separate company. There are also companies that only rent real estate, just to be and remain flexible.

Part of the strategy within the PG NxT-STEP business system is to shorten the money cycle and reduce costs. This means that earnings are actually liquid and are therefore in the bank account. Profit generated by large stocks of silage is nice on paper, but less fun in practice because it extends the money cycle by several months and you only have that money at your disposal once the silage has been converted to milk and payment has been made by the milk factory.

Everything about how to look at your company from the right mindset focused on profit and liquidity can be found in the course nature inclusive agriculture PG NxT STEP®

The PG NxT STEP® course gives you all the tools to make business operations more sustainable and reduce costs.

Pure Grazers realize a 6 to even 15 cent lower cost price/kg milk!

It gives you a completely different mindset to look at your company in a new fresh way, in order to discover and use the possibilities that are available to increase income and reduce work pressure.

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See you soon!

Ado Bloemendal

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