The spring has already started very carefully, the first Pure Grazers, on the higher grounds, have already started grazing. Grazing is often delayed until there is sufficient crop. However, the mechanism behind grazing ensures that grazing stimulates crop growth. In this way, the grazer in fact determines when the grazing season starts.

At Mother Nature everything is focused on cycles, stimulated by action = reaction.

This means that the grazing season can start as soon as there is growth. Because, a plant is always looking for balance. Balance between aboveground and underground parts. As soon as there is growth and the plant is grazed, an imbalance occurs. The plant will let its root system die in her quest for balance. Nutrients are released that are used by the plant for regrowth.

Grazing in early spring triggers crop growth

It is important to realize that everything is still very fragile in the spring. The weather can turn, making it wetter or colder, which has a temporary impact on growth. Take this into account and adjust the management.

A true Pure Grazer does not wait until there is “enough” crop before he or she starts grazing, but starts as soon as the soil allows it, the plants have growth and the weather supported this.

This allows the entrepreneur to influence the start of the growing season.

Grazing is beneficial for the company's profit and footprint. A cow in the stable cost in my time as dairy farmers already more than € 100,-/cow/month. With over 100 cows, that meant at least €10,000/month in savings.

Grazing offers the entrepreneur the opportunity to lower the cost price, shorten the money cycle, reduce workload and risk by letting the cows do the work.

Keep it stupidly simple! – Low workload, the cows do the work, they collect the feed and take the manure away – Low risk and a good income!

Dairy farmers earned an average of €35,000 in 2020 with a turnover of €380,000. That is less than 10% of the turnover! The rest; more than 90% was therefore compensation for third parties….

The dairy farmer therefore spends more than 90% of his or her time working for someone else. It doesn't have to be. The calculation of a average dairy farm with 50 ha of land, which uses PG NxT STEP® Farming, the nature-inclusive farm system of Pure Graze, after the entrepreneur has received compensation of €60,000 for labor and capital, has a profit of more than €180,000, more than 55% of the turnover.

So my message to you is; think about where you stand. Is what you are doing today really what you want? Check out the alternative PG NxT STEP® Farming. A ready-made alternative with many advantages, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years, is successfully used in the Netherlands and abroad. The knowledge is packaged in online lessons, supplemented by an extensive library and a knowledge base with relevant research, with a lot of background information.

In addition, webinars and field meetings supplement the opportunities to gain knowledge. Guidance is provided by farmer coaches who are available by telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp and on location to advise and guide you in making the switchover successful.

Good luck!

Ado Bloemendal
Pure Graze