If livestock farmer are you a service provider to your animals and to the soil.

The management of grazing is very determing for the financial result. There are various grazing systems in circulation. All grazing systems have their specific aspects and advantages.

Some focus on convenience, others on the highest yield.

Dit brengt ons bij de eerste en belangrijkste vraag; wat is nu in de kern het correcte beoogde resultaat voor een melkveebedrijf. Het juiste doel is een levensvatbare businessmodel that is aimed at survival and thriving, also in the future.

When we look at today's demands on forage production then determing cost and dry matter yield is the most important. Because they contribute to the economic result of the company. Only with a decent income and a good return is the farmer independent and this gives him or her the freedom to make decisions.

That is why the dry matter yield per hectare should be as high as possible. In addition, the aim is to achieve the most effective possible conversion of green fodder to money very important.

If we focus on the highest possible grass production, then offering peace of mind has a large, positive effect on the green fodder producution.

How can you speed up green fodder production in the spring?

 The following suggestions will help you speed up spring growth and get the most out of your spring pasture:
– Apply strip-grazing In order to take full advantage of spring growth, it is important to have complete control over the areas of pasture you are offering. In a grazing system with fixed pasture plots, the chance of overgrazing or under grazing is high.
– Quickly rotate the animals to the next piece. The general rule is that if grass is growing fast, rotation should be fast too. This will keep you ahead of grass growth by topping it off and keeping it in a vegetative state.

One of the main concerns of grazing is flexibility. It is important that you can quickly adapt your grazing to the situation (eg with grass growth).

One of the advantages of strip grazing is that you as a farmer can decide for yourself when and how much new and fresh pasture you offer your livestock. That way you can determine for yourself and based on your grass condition, how big the next piece will be.

Do you want to learn strip grazing or improve your knowledge about strip grazing?

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