Grazing is het belangrijkste onderwerp voor het verlagen van de kostprijs van elk vlees/melkveebedrijf.

There are numerous advantages associated with the grazing system; Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), including the following points:

A higher percentage of green feed used

Research has shown that the percentage of fresh grass that gets used increases as the cattle graze more.

With Management Intensive Grazing, utilization can increase by up to 30%.

A higher d.s. yield

Plants have higher production when applying Management Intensive Grazing (MIG).

Leaves are the 'food factory' of forage. One of the goals of a good grazing system should be to manage the grazing in such a way that there is always enough chlorophyll available to convert solar energy into plant growth.

Better Nutrient Recycling

A good grazing system forces grazing animals to spend the same amount of time in different parts of the pasture.

This results in a more even distribution of urine and manure, which are important sources of nutrients.

High quality pasture feed

The quality of the feed in a vegetative stage is high (less fibrous compared to older pastures). A good grazing system that produces a higher percentage of young herbal leys maintains, ensures high quality roughage.

Less weeds

Removing leaves is a stressor for plants. As grazing is intensified, animals have less opportunity to graze selectively, resulting in weeds being grazed (Weeds that are not preferred by livestock have a surprisingly good feed quality).

Stronger Root System

When plants are grazed too short (overgrazing), root growth stops or is greatly reduced. A grazing system that avoids this problem, such as Management Intensive Grazing, promotes the root system that makes plants more resistant to drought and other stress factors. This allows you to bring forward and extend your grazing season.

This makes year round grazing easier!

Verbeterde bodemkwaliteit

In the long term, fields where Management Intensive Grazing is applied will contain more organic material, be less compacted and have better water retaining properties because the soil is able to absorb more water.

This is partly due to the reduction or elimination of tillage with machines and by 'pulsating' grazing.


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