Strip grazing offers many opportunities!

Compared to mowing, there are 3 times as many insects on a meadow plot. But don't you do it for the animals, there is also a lot to get for the farmer from a good grazing management.

To properly enlarge this, below is the difference between standing meadows and strip grazing.

Stand grazing achieves an average yield of 8,000 kg dry matter/ha/year and strip grazing 13,000 kg dry matter/ha/year. The difference is 5,000 kg of dry matter.

To express the difference in money, we take the aprice of concentrates, which is about €25 ct/kg dry matter. Advantage strip grazing: 5,000 x 0.25 = € 1,250 per hectare

€ 1,250 per hectare, a nice amount! – You can do something with that!

Many of the Pure Grazers, people who have followed the grazing course or who have had 1 on 1 guidance, find moving the wire the most beautiful moment of the day. They then have real contact with nature, with their cows. Early in the morning or late in the evening when the world is quiet give the best moments to feel at one with nature!

Another powerful moment is when the front wire has just been moved and the cows have received a new piece.

All the cows are grazing, that's how money sounds!

However, the extra yield from strip grazing is not just there. Strip grazing also requires more work, the wire is moved several times a day. We are willing to work, as long as there is a reasonable wage in return. How much time does strip grazing cost?

Suppose a plot is only grazed, say 12 times a year. so we harvest more than 1,000 kg of dry matter per hectare each time grazing.

Suppose the wire is moved 4 times, each time grazing, of which 2 times when fetching the cows. If we assume 20 minutes each time, then that is 80 minutes each time that grazing takes place.

The calculation will then look like this:
12 x 80 = 960 minutes of enjoyment per year (960 / 60 = 16 hours)
€ 1,250 / 16 hours = € 78.13 per hour.

If we do not include the time of moving the wire with the collection of the cows for milking, then the hourly wage is:
€ 1,250 / 8 hours = € 156.25 per hour.


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