For 2021 we present the Pure Graze Grazing course 2021.

The Pure Graze grazing course is intended for livestock farmers who want to get started with their grassland management in order to achieve more production, also in drought, to reduce the cost price and increase their margin (profit).

Farming today is a commercial business where margin is of great importance. Making a profit will become increasingly important in the future and can be realized by looking at the businessmodel.

We will look at where costs can be cut, for example replacing monoculture door polycultuur, voor een betere fotosynthese, een hogere productie, een completer voeder, beter bodemleven, vastleggen van CO2 diep in de soil, enhance the natural soil fertility and a good drought resistance.

Accounting is the most important thing in this course, which buttons are we going to push to maximize profits? Producing a lot of green fodder is an art in itself, but it's only the beginning. How do we make as much milk or meat as possible at the lowest possible cost?

The drought of the past 3 years is no longer an incident, but on the way to becoming a trend. We share all our practical knowledge about this with you. so you can develop a successful drought strategy for your business, based on practical, applied knowledge, tested by farmers.

But we also look at how we graze in such a way that the dry matter yield per hectare is maximized.

The strategy behind the grazing is very important for realizing the highest profit.

The course offers you as a user a lot of practical information, gained in the more than 30 years that we as Pure Grazers have been working with grazing. Whether it's peat, clay or sand, we have the experience and bring it to you in a variety of ways.

Through online lessons that form the basis, the background with a lot of information from home and abroad.

The webinars in which we further deepen that knowledge and in which you receive answers to the questions that are relevant to you so that you can get started seriously and purposefully.

The meetings are for the practical implementation and the mutual exchange of experiences.

In addition, you can always contact us with questions, by mail, What`s app and by phone. Our goal is to provide you with all that knowledge we have about grazing, so that you succeed and be successful. We only benefit from successful customers!

Until then!
Ado Bloemendal

Grazing Course 2021!