There is a lot to do about PAS. The whole nitrogen story puts construction on hold, motivates farmers to go on strike and everyone is confused.

Is that needed? Apparently. The question is what goal is being pursued.

Is that keeping the business model of the Netherlands going? As described in a previous blog is the farmer the revenue model?;

Digging through our library I came across an interesting report from the WUR (report 983, published in October 2016, called; Appropriate grazing.

Its conclusions are clear:

Grazing is a PAS (Programmatic Approach Nitrogen) measure to reduce ammonia emissions from cattle farming (PAS 2015.08.02). One condition is that all dairy and calf cows in the barn must be grazed for at least 720 hours per calendar year. An ammonia emission reduction of 5% is attributed to this measure.

Pay attention!!

The conclusion:

  • There is an ammonia reduction of 5% for every 720 hours of grazing.
  • Let's calculate; (where's my cigar box?)
  • 365 days in a year X 24 hours = 8760 hours in a year.
  • 8760 : 720 = 12.17 x 5% = 61% ammonia reduction with year-round grazing!

A condition for realizing this large, well-documented reduction is that there is actually grazing.

So it turns out very easy to solve the nitrogen problem; grazing all year round!

The report also contains some graphs showing where the sources of the emissions are located. This shows that the largest sources of emissions are in the part that is influenced by humans; the stable, the spreading of manure and fertilizer.

So in other words;

There where all those entering the property say what you should invest in, what you should take out a loan for, that is precisely the part that causes the nitrogen crisis!!!

Think carefully about how big your loan is, what the money has been spent on and where you have brought it now!

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