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You can invite us to host a lecture at your desired location. In all the years that we work with farmers, NGO's and governments we haven't stopped developing and growing.

We would like to share our knowledge and experiences in a lecture. We try to interact with the public as much as possible in order to convey knowledge and views in a warm manner.

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Lecture: Herbaceous grassland


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Ado Bloemendal
Netherlands Expert in Herbaceous grassland ( ... km) Choose speaker
Tuur Vandeweyer
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Name: Jan jansen
E-mail: jan@jansen.nl
Phone number: 06111930778
Address: Achteres 19a, 7683SX, Den Ham, Nederland
Date: 11-Jul-2021
Time: From: 10:00 to: 11:00

Lecture: Herbaceous grassland

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Tijdens de lezing; Natuur-inclusieve Landbouw leer je hoe je beweiding kunt maximaliseren, je veestapel voorjaarskalvend kunt maken en weiden in kruidenrijk grasland. Hierdoor verhogen de opbrengsten en word de biodiversiteit op je bedrijf verbetert.

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