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As an agricultural consultancy company Pure Graze helps you to get more out of your herbal leys te halen. Dit doen we onder andere met behulp van het Saladebuffet®. Dit zijn kruidenrijke grasmengsels die de soil fertility and yields of your pastures. In addition, the Saladebuffetten contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are important to keep the cattle healthy. Moreover, it is a natural form of agriculture, which we as consultants heartily recommend to you. You remove as many steps as possible between livestock and pasture and go back to basics. That saves you both money and effort.

  • Increases soil fertility
  • Increases the biodiversity
  • Maximum collaboration with nature

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Our agricultural consultancy company will help you improve the quality of your grass

Our agricultural consultancy company helps you to increase the yield of your grassland, but also to keep costs as low as possible. This way, our herbal grass mixtures do not require fertilizer and you have less feed and veterinary costs, because it contains everything for a healthy and balanced diet for your livestock. This gives your livestock the best, most natural feed all year round. In the transition to natural farming with the Pure Graze Saladebuffet® our consultants provide you with excellent support. For this they build on more than 30 years of experience.

All supplies can be found in the webshop of our agricultural consultancy company

You can order all your supplies from the webshop of our agricultural consultancy company. Easily find all of our available herbal blends. In addition, as consultants, we offer various courses in which you deepen your knowledge of natural agriculture. This includes courses on:

During these courses you will become acquainted with NxT-STEP© Farming. Our PG Coaches are of course happy to tell you more about this natural method of farming.

Ask our consultants about nature inclusive agriculture

Enlist the help of our agricultural consultancy company to transition to natural farming with the help of experienced consultants. Contact us by calling (+31) 0546 – 624005 or by sending us an E-mail to: Would you like to learn more about Pure Graze first? Then you are most welcome at one of our open days or lectures!

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